Development and optimization of product-specific lyophilization:

Industrial-sized freeze dryers with varied capacities able to accommodate from small batches up to 300 liters of bulk lyophilization.

ISO 13485 certified facilities and FDA 21 CFR 820 compliant manufacturing practices (cGMP).

Formulation Services

Extensive experience in excipient selection for a wide range of products ranging from R&D batches through production scale.

Formulation and manufacturing performed in compliance with cGMP regulations. ISO class 6 and 8 environments available.

Formulation and lyophilization of products for applications including:

Liquid Fills

Accurate and efficient liquid fills of standard and customer-specific containers including:

Over 60,000 semi-automated liquid fills per day with excellent accuracy from microliters to large scale bulk products.

ISO class 5 environments available for fully automated liquid fills of 1-50 mL vials.

Biomaterials Processing

Customized formulation, manufacturing, and lyophilization of biomaterials such as:

Additional services include:

Packaging & Labeling

Accurate and cost-effective in-house custom packaging and labeling for virtually any application.

Customized services:

Affordable prices & fast turnaround for lyophilization services

Quality BioResources offers a host of services to fit our customer’s needs. From small or large batch lyophilization to turnkey manufacturing, labeling and shipping.

Contact us to discover how Quality BioResources can deliver the best solutions for your lyophilized products.